The Rockin’ Dead is a Greek/American  alternative rock band based in  Athens, Greece est. in 2016.

The project was incited in 2013 by songwriter and producer Costas Striftos in collaboration with songwriter and guitarist Panos Malahias. The initial concept was to create a versatile music ensemble comprised of talented musicians with diverse backgrounds that would each bring their core musical strengths into the production of original material – a place where they could each express themselves artistically in a slightly different way than they were used to.

In 2013, the first single entitled “City Of Sin”  was released digitally, featuring acclaimed musician and songwriter Costa Toulanta on vocals. The song achieved worldwide distinction by ranking among the top 5 finalists in the Rock Category of the American Songwriting Awards competition of 2015.

During the same year, The Rockin’ Dead project evolved into a full band, with the addition of vocalist Anna Economopoulos, and later on of bass player Theo Papachristopoulos and more recently of Mr. Petros Malahias on rythm guitars, thus completing the core members, while acclaimed drummer Akis Gavalas is tagging along with the band for all recording and live performances.  

The band started experimenting with sounds and styles in search of their own,  incorporating  various elements and influences from the rock scene of the last 4 decades, all of them combined in an utterly unique  way.

So what defines the songs and style of The Rockin Dead? The answer is straightforward hard rock riffs together with powerful, grim and moody lyrics that scream attitude!

What really gives another dimension to the songs and the tales they recount is the combination of the female and male voices intertwined in both rough yet soft and melodic turns, giving the band its distinct approach.