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Dear All,

Twenty years ago pro-wrestling  in Greece went on hiatus. The genre decayed, matches stopped and the wrestlers and their fights faded from our memories… All these years this form of entertainment excelled and grew even more abroad, especially in the United States were mega shows are now being held and larger than life icons are created…







The year 2016, marked the re-birth of Professional Wrestling in Greece, with a new promotion called ZMAK that introduced new talented wrestlers and managed to reactivate the interest of hundreds of fans, redefining the Greek standards of sports entertainment……

The Rockin’ Dead are very proud and excited to be a part of this promising effort and would therefore like to officially announce our collaboration with the ZMAK promotion and owner Petros Polychronidis!

Our new song called FIGHTER’S ANTHEM, written specifically to capture the essence of  figthing sports, wrestling and the sports entertainment world is now the Official Theme Song of the ZMAK CHAMPIONS yearly Main Event that will be held on April 8th in Athens, Greece.

It’s Showtime, see you ringside!!!


Click here for more info about ZMAK


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