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Dear Friends hello!

Just when we thought we were the only “Rockin’ Dead” wandering in this world, we found we are not alone… There are others among us! They call themselves road warriors and they have cool names like KillJoy, Badwolf and Asskicker…all of them characters  brought to life by the young and highly talented director and anime creator, Mr. James Ishizaki!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our official collaboration with James, a man with whom we share the same intense passion and love for art and Rock’n’Roll!

James is a graduate from the University of Hawaii and holds a bachelor degree in animation. His talents are versatile featuring character design, character animation and backgrounds. His latest movie entitled “The Rockin’ Dead – Enter Popacalypse” has just been released and will feature a fragment from our own distinguished song, “City Of Sin”!!! How cool is that?!

The plot goes like this:

“In a post pop-alyptic wasteland, radios worldwide have turned humanity into mainstream, pop music listening zombies, led by the evil Manager. The only heroes left are punk and rock warriors Killjoy and Badwolf. Together they ride through the barren mainstream desert, killing pop zombies, and keeping rock and roll alive!”

Definitely a captivating cult flick that rockers, anime, and zombie fans will enjoy!

The movie is screening this year in select theaters and festivals throughout the world. Stay informed via the film’s official Facebook page for dates and venues.

Next screening will be in Greece at ComicDom Con Athens in April!! More info regarding the schedule will be posted on our website, so stay tuned!!!

“City Of Sin” was released 3 years ago like today! It was the song that started it all for us… A song we love and cherish and we would like to thank James for integrating it into his movie as well as all the friends and fans that still yield and rock to its wicked rhythm…

The R’Dead

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