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Dear fans hello!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our first single together with its awesome Lyric Video! The Song is called SHE KICKS AND ROCKS…

It’s really a classic and submissive rocker with a seductive attitude that exposes the sick obsession of Andronikos Dourantis for Lenore Corpse… Feelings of passion and hatred collide in this ongoing battle for domination and control – an absolutely self-destructive yet addictive relationship that brings the world on the brink of destruction…

The song is inspired by the plot and main characters of LC DLVI, an outstanding and original dark fantasy novel, product of the bleak and chaotic fantasy of contemporary writer Mr. George Belaouris. The lyric video also features some of the Novel’s official artwork created by the uniquely talented graphic designer Mrs Lena Decay, who shared us her unique vision and brought these characters to life…

Music, Writing and Drawing – The trinity of arts combined! Listen loud, enjoy and share us your thoughts!

The R’Dead_

PS: Darkness is just a breath away, can you feel it?

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