In early 2016, and while in the midst of recordings, young and upcoming writer George Belaouris contacted the band to write a song about his future novel LC DLVI. Some members of the band were already fond of his work, so one can say that things were just meant to be and both sides engaged in cooperation without second thoughts!


“She Kicks & Rocks” was the title of the produced song, inspired by the plot and main characters of the LC DLVI novel. The song was really a mainstream and submissive rocker with a seductive attitude that exposed the sick obsession between the 2 main characters, Andronikos Dourantis and Lenore Corpse… Feelings of passion and hatred that collided in an ongoing battle for domination and control – an absolutely self-destructive yet addictive relationship that brought the world on the brink of destruction…


The song was included in the album Here Comes The Darkness and was the first single to be released. An awesome lyric video was created featuring some of the Novel’s official artwork created by talented Mrs Lena Decay (Official designer of LC DLVI artworks), who shared us her unique vision and brought these characters to life… Music, Writing and Drawing – The trinity of arts combined!

Since then She Kicks & Rocks is used in all the promo video / trailers of LC DLVI that was published in September 2017.

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